Memorable marketing

Our experience in branding and marketing is key to us truly understanding your business objectives and challenges. But more importantly, we are great listeners, we ask insightful questions and we take the time to create compelling, enduring and emotive ideas to help you move forward.

Measurable results

In order to effectively fine tune your branding and marketing activities we rely on big data and quantifiable, measurable results. The strategies that we create are responsive to these results and fit best practices across multiple channels. Being agile we are able to react quickly to changing markets, trends and budgets.

Immediate impact with standout results

To help us develop your branding and marketing activities we rely on big data. Then to fine tune we use qualitative data, insights and profiling. The strategies we create fit best practices across multiple channels. And we’re no slouches. We react quickly to your changing markets, trends and budgets.

What we excel in

Marketing Consultancy
Marketing automation
Naming and identity
Market and competitor research
New product development
Media planning
GDPR compliance consultancy

Digital, Content & Social
Pay per click (PPC)
Email & SMS marketing
Social media strategy
Event creation and management
Computer-generated imagery (CGI)

Web Design & E-Commerce
Website design
Website development
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Conversation rate optimisation (CRO)
User experience

Design & Branding
Point of sale
Direct marketing
Print design

Data Management
Data management
Data cleaning
Marketing automation
Marketing data
Market & Customer Insights

Resonate with your customers and results will follow

At the heart is your brand: who you are and what you stand for. A clearly defined strategy that maps out how to market your brand and how we create your marketing assets will engage your target audience. As we nurture and continually engage, we seek to convert interests into sales. Quantifiable results form your ongoing strategy for increasing sales and growing your brand.

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Odyssey Services

Looking for an introduction to a results driven digital presence?

We understand that you could be looking for a digital marketing solution that’s simple to implement, looks fantastic and generates results. Using our team’s vast amount of experience in digital marketing we’ve created three easy to understand packages that can be implemented quickly. These will not only give you great results but an introduction to working with our friendly team and an insight into how else we can improve your marketing.

To get started, let’s have a chat. Talking is, of course, free. And you’re not obliged to do anything further.