Beautiful print to secure lucrative contracts

The face of London’s property market is changing. Technology and environmental factors are speeding up obsolescence. The residential model is changing with a dramatic shift to rental. Add to the mix a better informed, more demanding occupier and the property model is evolving from financial asset class to service provider. London’s professionals are demanding fully furnished rental property’s.

The team at BoConcept London’s Contract department are quick to make the most of this shift. Their ability to customise their fully coordinated collection of furniture and substantial manufacturing power puts BoConcept in prime position to secure lucrative furniture supply contracts. But, they need marketing collateral to win them.

Odyssey was asked to develop a tender submissions packages that would help to win large contracts with London based property developments. Allowing BoConcept to design and fit-out apartments with their furniture. Our aim was to emphasise BoConcept’s brand values and engagingly illustrate the vital information.

The team knew that to complete such an important project for our client, we would have to work together seamlessly. We decided to move BoConcept’s team into our office and collaborate on every detail that went into the project.

Over the subsequent 3 weeks, the entire Odyssey team created a tender package complete with 100-page book, ancillary document book, digital copies of the brochures (held on custom USB) all contained within a luxury custom-made magnetic box. The content within each piece had to as special as the outside, therefore we went above and beyond. Creating large mood boards for each submission and entire property high-resolution CGI’s showing exactly where the inspiration came from and precisely how each room would look.

It was this level of detail, expert skills and creative dedication that enabled BoConcept to secure a multi-million-pound contract with an agreement to go ahead with further phases of the project.

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