Amplifying in-store sales

High street retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to boost sales growth throughout 2019 and into 2020. However, for many, high street stores remain vital in giving their customers the best possible experience of what their products offer – something that an online presence can’t do to the same level.
A trade-off of retailers moving online means that it is enhancing the value of tactile marketing and making it even more important to explore other revenue avenues – one of them being business to business. We worked together with NuCONNECT to develop and execute a creative plan that would increase their B2B relationships and generate a greater number of trade accounts.
By creating a solid strategy that combines stunning printed material, dedicated follow-up, a carefully selected database and the right message we were able to take advantage of benefits to truly personalising a message for that client.
This personalised, measurable, cost-effective and highly flexible approach in a time where retailers need to think differently led to an increase in trade accounts and secured orders.

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