Restoring fresh thinking on a new brand leading to a 77% increase in new enquiries

Todd Gunter has been restoring fine art for the last 65 years and through their traditional methods passed down from generation to generation, they have become experts in art restoration and conservation.

Although Todd Gunter has a steady customer base from word of mouth they approached Odyssey with the need to generate more sales and steadily grow at the pace they could manage.

With little online visibility, it was clear what channels Odyssey would have to use to generate more enquires. We needed to give Todd Gunter a strong online presence that will drive customer enquires and give the customer the ability to send over more information in one action. Competitors suffer from a weak online presence meaning that we could first tackle Todd Gunter’s brand identity to make it stand out head and shoulders above its competitors.

We created a new website to give them a platform to receive enquires and the customers the ability to upload imagery allowing Todd Gunter to provide greater accuracy with their quoting than ever before. The website allowed us to plan an affordable and strategic google ads campaign to advertise to new prospects.

This project allowed Odyssey the freedom to shape a brand and marketing strategy that truly worked. And it really did. Todd Gunter generated over 11,000 website visits and over 140 enquires, an increase of 77%, within the first 3 months of going live.

Market and competitor research
Media planning
Pay per click (PPC)

Creative and design
Print design

Data management
GDPR compliance consultancy

Website design
Website development
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Conversation rate optimisation (CRO)
User experience

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