Grab a seat on the world’s longest sofa

Concept Living

Why the increased attention on omni-channel marketing?

Events allow brands to connect with their customers on a human level and convey the emotional benefits of their products. Something that is a lot harder possible through digitised media. But successful events are tricky. They require significant planning, a captivating draw and a clear way to evaluate a return on investment.

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Increase customer intrigue, increase sales

Odyssey Media Group was approached by Concept Living Ltd (a BoConcept franchisee) to develop a marketing campaign centred around the Diva sofa designed by Anders Nørgaard for the Aarhus Festival in Denmark. Odyssey was specifically tasked with focusing this customer intrigue into increased sales.

Why would anyone want to design a 168 feet and 8 inches long sofa? To get into the Guinness Book of World Records of course. And Guinness World Records spark interest and bring crowds. The record-breaking sofa would be shipped to the UK and assembled outside Harrods. It’s an ideal way to attract customers, however, a sofa by itself is no good. The campaign needs excitement and more important purpose.

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It’s official: The world’s longest sofa

The team created competitions to capture customer data as well as directing them to the store with exclusive discounts. The team also made great use of the media outlets available around Brompton Road and across Harrods’ facade. The event proved a huge success for exposure of the BoConcept brand and concession within Harrods, generating coverage in national and regional press, it also proved extremely popular with the Harrods retail team!

“We have been overwhelmed by the success of this event”, says Concept Living managing director Mireille Baumgart. The world’s longest sofa measures an unbelievable 51.4 metres in length, weighs 1.25 tonnes, stands on 54 legs and seats 104 people.

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