Prime retail marketing in London’s West End

Concept Living

Impactful grand opening event

Concept Living Ltd (a BoConcept franchisee) had just received the go-ahead for their iconic new BoConcept store in Westfield shopping centre. However, this store would be amongst the first few stores to open in Westfields new £600million extension. With this hurdle in mind, Concept Living approached us to create an impactful grand opening event on launch day.

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A wide variety of marketing channels

The brief was simple, to generate a buzz in and around the store that would cement a new customer base and drive sales. Many of Westfield’s visitors may not have heard of BoConcept, so it was vital that the brand was at the forefront of customer’s minds.

Due to Westfield’s vast expanse, it was critical we secured a wide variety of marketing channels across the Westfield site. This included additional visual merchandise windows and multi sizes of digital signage. It was also key that we secured key breakaway areas which would allow us to showcase our client’s furniture outside of the store.

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Further to securing key marketing channels, the team dedicated it’s time to creating window point of sale, constructing breakaway partitions, developing competitions (which would capture customer details), creating digital screen artwork for the stores grand opening event. Plus, the team produced a dedicated direct mailing piece, consisting of a brochure, letter and voucher.

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Using multiple marketing channels we were able to attract a significant footfall to the store. The grand opening event produced the highest weekend sales for any new BoConcept store opening in the UK. 

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