A stylish brand for a stylish retailer

“Today Selfridges is more than just the sum of its products – it’s a shopping experience that promises to surprise, amaze and amuse its customers by delivering extraordinary customer experiences.” The perfect location for a new furniture brand that prides its self on those same qualities.

Loft Living offers exclusive interior furnishing and accessories with timeless elegance and understated luxury. Odyssey was asked to create a brand and marketing strategy for Loft Living. Our aim was to emphasise the brand’s passion for design and it’s choice of fine materials.

The team began like all our branding projects – understanding what the brand stands for. Followed by identifying a customer profile that will prove invaluable when the team developed a defined marketing strategy. The strategy that maps out how to market the brand and how it will engage customers. Without this key step, the brand would likely not succeed.

Market and competitor research
Media planning
Pay per click (PPC)

Creative and design
Print design
Event creation and management
Social media management and strategy

Data management
Point of sale
Direct marketing
Email marketing
SMS marketing

Website design
Website development
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Conversation rate optimisation (CRO)
User experience

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