How we helped BoConcept to become the number 1 store in the world

The Harrods name is synonymous with luxury, excellence and service. You can expect to enjoy an exemplary level of care, outstanding personal service and a brand of magic experience only to be found at Harrods. BoConcept store within Harrods has consistently become one of the top 3 performing stores worldwide. Beating over 500 stores across 65 countries in six continents. It has the highest sales per square foot of any BoConcept store worldwide and is the top-performing furniture brand within Harrods.

Marketing this store is no easy task. It requires a level of detail like no other. Every communication must be tailored to suit the specific Harrods customer profile. Odyssey’s experience in tailoring communications to the right target audience is why we are the first choice for this iconic (and strategically important) store.

Odyssey was approached to develop a marketing plan and create marketing collateral for BoConcept’s upcoming new collection of furniture and accessories. Our aim was to ensure that existing BoConcept Harrods customers are made aware of the new collection and were invited in for a personal walkthrough. It was also imperative that we continue to drive up sales by targeting new customers.

Identifying the key pieces that will appeal to Harrods customer profile is essential to a successful campaign period. Our team carefully cross-analyse appropriate trends with best selling pieces within the store. Using this data, the team are able to create precisely targeted marketing communications.

After acquiring customer insights, the team developed creative assets that would captivate the Harrods audience. The team identified marketing channels that would reach the Harrods’ specific customer base. These included the Harrods Magazine, Harrods’ new Grand Entrance digital signage and {other marketing channel}. Harrods benefit from up to 300,000 customers visiting the store per day, (on peak days) therefore internal communications are an essential part of the strategy to market the store.

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