Driving more online revenue for luxury hotels

Exclusive Hotels and Venues

Overcoming a highly competitive market

In recent times, a rise in demand from business and leisure travel has meant hotels have prospered. However, the market is crowded and highly competitive. Customers demand top service as well as value for money. Effective marketing campaigns that drive guests occupancy levels are essential in today’s market.

Exclusive Hotels and Venues, who offer luxury getaways and experiences at their four luxury hotels and two country house venues, are no exception to this sensitive market. Here’s how we answered their call for more online revenue… 

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New, eye-catching and on-brand creative design

Odyssey Media Group was asked to introduce a new, eye-catching and on-brand creative design for their summer campaign. The campaign will appear across all printed collateral showcased in the properties, on their website, in their e-marketing, paid search and on all social channels.

Guests expect excellent service, beautiful rooms and well-kept grounds but making their time special is what encourages guests to return and encourage their friends and family to stay. Guests want to make memories that last for a lifetime. These come from engaging customer-centric experiences that are available to guests at each hotel and venue.

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Creating an emotional connection

‘Exclusive Summer Experiences’ promotes the emotional connection that guests are looking for. Odyssey focused each creative piece around this central campaign to generate excitement about staying with Exclusive this summer. These included events that focused on the surrounding areas draw, for example, Royal Ascot, British Grand Prix or Wimbledon and entwined that with the venues unique facilities. Odyssey proposed this concept to be coupled with advertising across marketing channels that captivated the guest with an intriguing headline such as ‘Ascot Raises’, ‘Grand Brie’ and ‘Jamie Oil Lover’.

Although this concept was captivating, the client wanted to sharply increase occupancy and therefore the external marketing focused on price-sensitive customers which attracted them with various discounts that the hotels and venues were offering. The events based advertising was used for internal communications.

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Our digital marketing campaigns led to an increase in occupancy levels of 21% and an overall increase in bookings for corporate meetings and events.

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